Reo's Video is located at 225 Hall Street, Nelson BC, V1L 5X4. See in-store soon!

About Reo's Video

Reo’s Video was founded by namesake Reo Rocheleau in 1987, when he began renting VHS tapes out of his neighbourhood corner store. Reo’s Video grew and changed location three times over its more than 30 years of operation before its 2020 acquisition by The Civic Theatre. With almost 18,000 titles (four times the number of selections on Netflix), including a majority not available on any streaming platform, Reo's is the largest movie library east of Vancouver. A fixture in Nelson, Reo’s has become a cornerstone entity of the city’s arts and culture scene. Thousands of people have experienced cinema from around the world through the vast, rare, and historical collection found at Reo’s. 

COVID-19 has forced many businesses to pivot and diversify and as a result, The Civic Theatre purchased Reo's Video in December 2020 - leading to this match made in cinema heaven. With this new acquisition by The Civic Theatre, the Reo’s library of films will remain one of Interior BC’s most unique resources while maintaining its nostalgic Nelson video store charm.