Reach Your Audience

The cinema audience is an attentive & engaged audience - not distracted by phones, remote-control devices or other household activities.

What’s your target audience? The Civic Theatre hosts a broad demographic of patrons on a weekly basis. Our customers are committed to our community and love supporting local businesses.

The Civic Theatre provides affordable on-screen advertising that increases awareness and generates revenue opportunities from consumers who live and work in the area where you do business. Ask us how we can work with you to give you the best return on your advertising investment.

Take advantage of our cinema audience:

  • 70% of all moviegoers can recall specific cinema advertising
  • Cinema advertising has 5 times the retention of TV advertising
  • Screen advertising is both flexible and affordable

The above information was researched and adapted from Nielsen Canada, CAC (Cinema Advertising Council/MPAA Theatrical Market Statistics), and the Strategic Marketing Counsel

For more information, please download our Advertising Kit.