Future Plans

We want our facility to be able to expand the boundaries of cinema arts, social connectivity, and community space.

Our renovated facility will include a fibre optic connection, and a professional post-production cinema and music mixing studio in one of our theatres. We would like to be a place where people not only see films and attend educational events, but also have the opportunity to create new content and share it with the world via fiber optic connectivity.

The Nelson Civic Theatre Society plans to upgrade and diversify The Civic Theatre, our 10,000-sqft space housed in Nelson’s historic Civic Centre through a phased approach. We will add two new digital screens within our current footprint and vastly improve meeting and community space in the venue.

1. Adding two more theatres, to eliminate programming restrictions imposed upon us by distributors and offer more space for community groups to screen films. We will use technology for group learning sessions and to converse with other communities and mix new films for perfect ambient sound. We will support the events of other non-profits hosted in our venue.

2. Renewing and improving our historic theatre, completing necessary upgrades to the space, modernizing lighting and electrical equipment, and preserving elements of the space because of their historic or aesthetic qualities.

3. Renovating our lobby and adding an exterior concourse, ensuring adequate exits, code compliant access for people with disabilities, adding more washrooms, improving the flow in our facility overall, and diversifying the spaces in which people can gather for a multitude of experiences.

4. Expanding meeting and creative space to offer a place for community members to meet, create, learn and collaborate. We are only beginning to understand the potential of fiber optic connectivity here in Nelson, but we are certain of one thing: it will be meaningful and it will change the way we share information.