Drive-In Theatre FAQ

Where is The Civic Theatre drive-in?

(Please note that our drive-in location has now changed and we're no longer at our Vernon Street pit parking lot!)

Our drive-in is located in the parking lot between the Nelson Curling Club and the NDCC building. The films will be screening on the back wall of the soccer building, a stone's throw from our beloved Civic Theatre!

Please enter the parking lot ONTO LAKE STREET FROM THE CURLING CLUB SIDE ON CEDAR STREET ONLY!!! This is very important as we need to ensure one-way traffic for ease of parking. If you enter from the NDCC parking lot side, we will kindly request for you to drive over to the Cedar Street entrance before we can allow your car into the drive-in. Thank you for helping us with this! Click here to see the entrance location on Google Maps.

When do tickets go on sale?

Our drive-in theatre is weather dependent so tickets will become available just a few days before each show. Please keep an eye on our What's On page, Facebook page, Instagram feed for announcements.

How do I buy tickets?

Please visit our What's On page to purchase tickets for the drive-in theatre.

How much is a ticket?

Admission is $25 per car for members and $30 per car for non-members.  Although you have the option to fill all your car seats with patrons, we recommend two people per car for the best viewing experience. All drive-in patrons must arrive at the parking lot already inside the car. You will not be allowed on-site on foot, meaning that you can’t walk in and join a car later.

Can I exchange or refund my ticket?

We will not be offering refunds or exchanges for other screenings. If the show is cancelled due to inclement weather, we will send out an email with information on how to use your ticket for another show.

Where can I buy concession snacks?

Popcorn, drinks and candy items will be on sale over at The Civic Theatre. Just like if you were coming to an indoor screening! The theatre is a short walk from the drive-in venue. We recommend that you park your car first at the drive-in lot and then walk up to The Civic Theatre to grab all your cinema snacks. Please leave enough time to do this before the film starts so that all patrons can enjoy the movie without disruption. (Please note: there are no garbage receptacles and all garbage must be taken with you when you leave. Thanks for helping us keep the space nice and clean for everyone!)

Instructions for the Screening

After you purchase your ticket online, you'll receive your ticket in an email confirmation. This email will include detailed instructions for the drive-in screening.

How do I listen to the movie's sound?

On the night of the screening, our staff will let you know what radio station frequency to tune into to hear the movie.

What happens upon arrival to the drive-in?

Our 'doors' will open 1 hour before screening time to allow ample time for parking. You will need to provide our staff with the name of the person who bought your ticket. Please note: the parking lot will close 10 minutes before showtime so don't be late!

How will parking be organized?

Please note that this is a pop-up venue and as such, the decision to direct your car to a specific space is at the discretion of the lot staff. We really appreciate your patience and understanding. Once parked, you may not drive away until instructed by event staff. We'll ask all headlights are turned off and for no engine idling during the screening.

What are the parking rules?

  • The parking lot will open 1 HOUR BEFORE THE SHOW. Please try to come early to make parking easier for everyone. Parking will be decided upon at the lot attendant’s discretion.
  • The parking lot will close 10 MINUTES BEFORE SHOWTIME. Please do not show up late as you will not be permitted to enter.
  • The decision to direct your car to a specific space is at the discretion of the lot staff.
  • Once parked, you may not drive away until instructed by event staff.
  • There are no washrooms available so please plan accordingly. Our staff will be on-site to assist if you have a bathroom request, although we cannot guarantee this.
  • No engine idling

What are the social distancing rules?

  • Due to poor sightlines from the back seat passengers in the back will be allowed to sit in front of or on their vehicle. Spaces have been set to allow for social distancing if outside the vehicle. We will be enforcing social distancing.
  • If you have two people or less you are required to stay within your car for the duration of the film.
  • Your vehicle’s left side windows may be opened fully. The right windows may be cracked no more than 2” to allow for better airflow.
  • When outside your vehicle, please be respectful of others’ space. We highly recommend staying at least 6’ away from others.

How do I keep warm on cold nights?

We highly recommend that you dress in warm clothes and bring some blankets to keep warm in your car, as idling will not be allowed. That's all part of the Civic Theatre drive-in fun anyway! Snuggle up in your car and enjoy the open-air movie without having to worry about the temperature!

**Filming and photography might be taking place during the event. Please let us know at the screening if you DO NOT want to take part in this.

Have fun and enjoy the show!!!