The Civic in Railtown Drive-In

How to Enjoy The Civic in Railtown Drive-In

Before You Go

  1. Get Your Tickets: Head to The Civic Theatre's website to get your tickets. You can print them or have them ready on your phone.
  2. Check the Schedule: Make sure you know what time the movie starts and get there early. Starting times are later than usual because we need it to be darker! (Times may change a bit over the summer as the sunset changes.)
  3. Get Your Car Ready: Make sure your car is in good shape, especially the battery since you'll need the radio for sound. If your car battery isn’t going to cut it, bring another radio. You won’t be able to use your phone, because it needs to be able to pick up an FM transmission.  (We will have an onsite speaker too, so there are other options if something in your plan goes sideways.)
  4. Pack Your Essentials: Bring along blankets, pillows, and anything else to make you comfy.
  5. DO NOT Bring Alcohol Or Drugs To The Drive-in: This is a dry, all-ages site. Bring these things and we’ll ask you to leave without refund.
  6. Go to the bathroom!  Yes, we’ll have on-site portable toilets, but they won’t compare to the comfort of your home facilities, so seriously, just go before you come.

When You Arrive

  1. Know the Spot: The Civic Theatre's Drive-In is in Railtown, at the end of Baker Street, just past Kaltire and Railtown Station.
  2. Show Up Early: Get there at least 30 minutes before the movie starts to grab a good spot, get settled and get some snacks.
  3. Follow Directions: Look for signs and staff to guide you in smoothly.
  4. Buy Some Snacks:  We can take cash and cards on site.


  1. Follow Directions About Where to Park:  You’ve done this on ferries - just go where you’re directed please so we can fit everyone in.
  2. Turn Off Your Lights: Once you’re parked, turn off your headlights so you don’t blind others. 
  3. Tune In: Set your car radio to the right FM station for the movie sound. The station will be provided but ask a staff member if you’re not sure.

During the Movie

  1. Keep Your Car Off: If you need to turn it on for a few minutes to rev up your battery everyone will understand, but really, just a few minutes. If you keep your car running, we’ll ask you to leave.
  2. Keep It Down: Be considerate and keep noise to a minimum.
  3. Trash: Bring a trash bag for your waste and toss it in the provided bins when you leave. Or take it home if you can - we really appreciate the help in keeping our site clean!


  1. Follow the Flow: Listen to any instructions from staff to leave safely.
  2. Be Patient: Expect some delays as everyone leaves. Drive carefully.

Extra Tips

  1. Check the Weather: Look at the forecast and be ready for any weather. We generally expect to run rain or shine.
  2. Emergency Kit: Have a basic emergency kit in your car with jumper cables, a flashlight, and a first-aid kit. (Kinda always a good idea.)
  3. Respect the Rules: Follow all the venue rules to make sure everyone has a good time.

Follow these tips and you'll have a blast at The Civic in Railtown Drive-In this summer!

Other FAQs

Why can’t you show films any earlier?

Films are scheduled based on sunset to ensure optimal viewing conditions.

Can I bring my sleeping kids?

Yes, you can bring your sleeping kids, but please ensure they are supervised at all times.

Can I walk or bike in to the drive-in?

We will have space for walk and bike in patrons. Please bring your own seating though!

Can I park my truck backwards and sit in the back?

You sure can.  Mention it when you arrive and we’ll find you a good spot.

Will you have a concession stand?

Yes.  Also, please buy snacks rather than sneaking in your own!  We don’t keep much of the ticket price, so concession sales are really important for our bottom line.

Where does the income from the drive-in go?

NCTS is a charitable organization, and is running the drive-in to continue to offer films to the public while The Civic Theatre is closed for renos.  All income from the drive-in will go toward the operating costs of the site and other costs of programs and services provided by NCTS in our community.

Can my business sponsor the drive-in? What are the benefits?

Yes, we would love to talk with you about being a sponsor for the Drive-In!  We also offer a great array of benefits, ranging from advertising and recognition, to product placement and couponing, and tickets and special invitations.  Email for more information.

Can I advertise before film screenings?

Yes, we are offering on-screen advertising space before every film. Screen ads start at $100 per week - email us at for more information.

**Filming and photography might be taking place during the event. Please let us know at the screening if you DO NOT want to take part in this.

Have fun and enjoy the show!!!