Artist in Residence - Sarah Kapoor

Civic Theatre Staff
October 28, 2020
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Sarah Kapoor’s storied path began by selling her independent docs to the CBC. They brought Sarah in-house where she worked for the next ten years, rising through the ranks from Toronto evening news reporter to Senior Producer in Factual Entertainment. 

After the Mothercorp decade turned into motherhood, she spent her next decade as the co-founder of Pollinator Films, writing and producing hundreds of campaign videos for major public and private organizations, as well as her first heartfelt feature film while serving as Creative Director.  

The passing of a parent brought her back to her hometown of Creston, BC where she’s been working remotely well before Covid forced that on so many. Her recent essay in Today’s Parent shared her view of the challenges and opportunities of rural living and is the basis of her next big pitch.

She is embracing her residency with The Civic Theatre to examine series production potential in the Kootenays.

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