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Donate – Be a part of our future

We are grateful for your interest in donating to our theatre renovation project. Through an agreement with the City of Nelson, all online donations are now eligible for tax credits when made through the City’s website directly.

Attention Seat Sponsors: If you sponsor a seat via the City’s website we will contact you to confirm the name you want on our donor wall plaque – you will not be able to enter it online, but not to worry, we’ll take care of you!

Click here to donate

(Clicking this button will take you to the City of Nelson’s website)


If you are interested in speaking directly with our fundraising team, please click here to send a message to Roger Ley, our Fundraising Co-ordinator.

You will be mailed a charitable tax receipt from the city within 1-2 weeks.

Corporate Sponsorship Information

If you are a business and are interested in our Corporate Sponsorship Program, please click here to get more information.

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