Why you should arrive early at the movies

Civic Theatre Staff
October 11, 2019
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why you should go early to the movies

A night (or day) out at the local cinema is always a fun way to escape reality for a few hours and just dive into another world. Grab your tickets, grab your popcorn, grab your seats. Most people know how the whole ritual goes down but did you know how important it is to go early to the movies? We're here to tell you exactly why the early bird always catches the worm at the theatre.

1. Parking

Whether you are parking on the street or inside a shopping mall, it can sometimes take longer than expected to find a spot. Make sure you go early to the movies so that you can give yourself enough time to get from your car to the cinema. Who likes being in a rush just before doing something that's meant to be enjoyable? If you go early enough, you might even be rewarded with a rock star parking spot right out front, which means a swift exit at the end of your evening!

2. Don't miss out on a ticket

Depending on the size of your local theatre, there might be limited seating available. Even some larger complexes could be showing the movie you want to see on one of their smaller screens. So it's always important to either pre-purchase your ticket online if possible or arrive with plenty of time to spare before the show. Imagine being on a date and getting to the cinema, only to be turned away - nobody wants to be that guy or gal!

3. Stock up at the concession stand

A trip to the cinema almost always goes hand in hand with a bag of popcorn. Arriving early to the movies means that you not only get to start digging in on that yummy, buttery goodness ASAP but you also get to take your time checking out everything else on offer. When you leave yourself plenty of time to choose a treat before you go into the theatre you can ensure that you don't make any bad decisions. Do I really want these M&Ms or should I have bought the Reese's Pieces instead? Dammit!

4. Secure the seat you actually want

The "best seat in the house" is so different for everyone. Do you like being front and centre? Or would you rather be right up the back and in the corner? Whatever your seating preference, make sure you arrive early to get the seat you actually want. If your cinema offers allocated seating, great. This means you can let the staff know exactly where you want to be and don't need to fight anyone inside for your coveted throne. If your cinema is general admission, however, it's even more important to show up with lots of time beforehand. Not to mention, the lights in the theatre are still on if you don't come right before the movie starts, making it so much easier to see what seats are still available.

5. Find out what's playing next

Some people like seeing all the pre-show ads, some people don't. Don't worry, we get it. You've come for the movie, not the ads, right? Those advertisements, however, are often trailers for what's coming soon and you might actually discover a film that you really want to watch. Or you might learn about a community event, local business or regional festival that catches your interest. Don't dismiss the benefit of seeing ads before a movie screening, they are a great way of inspiring what you might want to do on your next family outing or special occasion.

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