Why Shoot Super 8 Film?

Jason Asbell
May 19, 2021
A way out west there was a fella, fella I want to tell you about, fella by the name of Jason Asbell. I only mention it 'cause some- times there's a man--I won't say a hee-ro, 'cause what's a hee-ro?--but sometimes there's a man. And I'm talkin' about Jason here-- sometimes there's a man who, wal, he's the man for his time'n place, he fits right in there--and that's Jason, the Programming Director of The Civic Theatre. . . sometimes there's a man. Wal, I lost m'train of thought here. But--aw hell, I done innerduced him enough.

The limitations of shooting with Super 8 in the digital age, provides creative new perspectives on visual storytelling to young filmmakers. But beyond the purely creative practice benefits, The lessons learned by slowing down and learning this old/new technology, extends into life as well.

1. Value ~ The Super 8 experience creates an appreciation and value for the resources used in this process, which can inform participants’ sense of value towards resources in general as the world moves further in the post-peak oil era. 

2. Trust ~ There is no way to know if the images you shot worked, or were even captured, as there is no immediate playback. This requires a trust that you executed the proper care in choosing your frame and operation of the camera before pressing the trigger. 

3. Patience ~ The image sits in a mysterious limbo, until the roll is completely run through and awaiting to be coaxed out through the chemical baths of the hand processing stage before you can see what has been captured. 

4. Acceptance ~ If after your trust and patience, the result isn’t what you’d hoped for; the focus was off, the exposure wrong, or an error in the processing, the young filmmaker has to be able to accept the disappointment and learn from it and move on.

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