Time travelling at The Civic Theatre Drive-In (June 10 - 14)

Civic Theatre Staff
June 8, 2020
A team of dreamers who love the art of cinema. We're passionate about film and are thrilled that we get to share the magic of movies with you.

We're all about the drive-in movie nostalgia at the moment and travelling Back to The Future this week! Park your Delorean in one of the available spots of the pit parking lot between Salvation Army and Hall/Vernon Street, and get ready for a trip though some iconic American cinema - no plutonium needed.

The first date entered into the Flux Capacitor is June 14, 1989 - taking us back almost 31 years to the day, when Spike Lee’s masterpiece, ‘Do The Right Thing’, hit the screens.  As demonstrated by Lee’s latest short, ‘3 Brothers’, where live footage of George Floyd is juxtaposed with the fate of ‘Do The Right Thing’s Radio Raheem, not much has changed in 30-years. 50% of the proceeds from the screening will be donated to BC Community Alliance in the fight against racism.

Next entry in the ol’ flux capacitor is Nov. 5, 1955 via July 3, 1985. Your ticket purchase supports Marty’s trip ‘Back to the Future’, as well as The Civic’s future beyond this pandemic; thank you for that.

Next stop, 1936. Indiana Jones unearths something old… biblically old, in ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark (‘81)’. The remnants of the Ten Commandments pass judgement on the Nazis or anyone else bold enough to look that much history in the eye.

Timeless, but definitely of a time, 'The Big Lebowski' set in 1991, during George Bush Sr’s war in Iraq and the stunted 60’s/70’s experience of the hippy and Viet Nam vet in the characters of the Dude and Walter, marks our final time slip upon the brick wall screen.

Tickets available now for Weds-Fri. Sat & Sun will be posted on Thursday depending on weather. $25 per Delorean or any other vehicle. Well, I’m ‘Outtatime’ on this post.  In the meantime, check out our YouTube video below to get an idea of what a night at our drive-in theatre looks like. Spend summer with us under the stars, its a super fun time for the entire family! See you in the near future, Jason.

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