The Pitch (January 28-February 3)

Jason Asbell
January 27, 2022
A way out west there was a fella, fella I want to tell you about, fella by the name of Jason Asbell. I only mention it 'cause some- times there's a man--I won't say a hee-ro, 'cause what's a hee-ro?--but sometimes there's a man. And I'm talkin' about Jason here-- sometimes there's a man who, wal, he's the man for his time'n place, he fits right in there--and that's Jason, the Programming Director of The Civic Theatre. . . sometimes there's a man. Wal, I lost m'train of thought here. But--aw hell, I done innerduced him enough.

We return to Italy and Ireland with encore screenings of House of Gucci and Belfast and extend our journey to the metaverse via Japan with Mamoru Hosoda's anime film, and sure to be a contender for best animated feature at this year's Oscars, Belle, and then onto South and North India with Hridayam and Shava Ni Girdhari Lal.

Suzu is a shy, everyday high school student living in a rural village. For years, she has only been a shadow of herself. But when she enters “U”, a massive virtual world, she escapes into her online persona as Belle, a gorgeous and globally-beloved singer. One day, her concert is interrupted by a monstrous creature chased by vigilantes. As their hunt escalates, Suzu embarks on an emotional and epic quest to uncover the identity of this mysterious “beast” and to discover her true self in a world where you can be anyone. Presented once in Japanese w/ English subtitles and once dubbed in English.

In Hridayam, Arun Neelakandan, a new engineering student at KC Tech, meets Darshana and falls for her. The story follows Arun and his journey from a boy to fully grown Man. In Malayalm w/ English subtitles

“Girdhari” A old golden hearted guy, is desperate to find a match because of his growing age. His desperation lands him in trouble every time he meets a gorgeous girl. Blindly Driven by desire for marriage, he doesn’t care & forgets about his surroundings, whether he is attending a marriage or funeral & makes everyone uncomfortable. Although all of his family members love him, the only person who understands him is his father. Will Girdhari find his true love in Shava Ni Girdhari Lal? In Punjabi w/ English subtitles.

See you at The Civic, the safest way to travel during a pandemic.

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