Super 8 Youth Film Challenge 2021

Jason Asbell
May 19, 2021
A way out west there was a fella, fella I want to tell you about, fella by the name of Jason Asbell. I only mention it 'cause some- times there's a man--I won't say a hee-ro, 'cause what's a hee-ro?--but sometimes there's a man. And I'm talkin' about Jason here-- sometimes there's a man who, wal, he's the man for his time'n place, he fits right in there--and that's Jason, the Programming Director of The Civic Theatre. . . sometimes there's a man. Wal, I lost m'train of thought here. But--aw hell, I done innerduced him enough.
Day 1 - Zoom meeting Intro to analog Super 8 film

1 hour - Slocan Valley: July 6 2021, Nelson & area: July 7 2021, Trail & area: July 14

An intro to basic photographic principles, Super 8 camera operation, and working inside limitation challenges as a freeing creative exercise and an overview of the rules of the challenge: 

1. The continuous 50’ roll of film will remain so from camera to projector, all editing will be done in camera.

2. Use of on-board camera function is the only effect manipulation you will have, ie) single frame, slow motion, intervalometer. 

3. No sync sound. This is a return to the silent era of filmmaking. 

4. Everyone has 24 hrs to shoot their roll of film 

5. We will all hand process our film together in homemade Caffenol. DIY, immediate and keeps it intimate and prone to happenstance, further marks on the skin. 

6. Although you will be able to look at the individual frames backlit with a magnifying glass in negative, you won’t be able to see your film until it has been delivered to me to be run through a super 8 projector and converted to digital. It remains a mystery until the public viewing. 

7. A selected 3.5 piece of audio will be submitted as an emailed file or delivered on a thumb drive to be randomly matched with one of the films (not necessarily your own.) creating another happenstance interaction that can provide creative surprises outside of intention.

Day 2 - Camera & Super 8 film pick-up

1 hour window for pick up - Slocan Valley: July 7 2021, Nelson & area: July 8 2021, Trail & area: July 15

At a designated time, participants will pick-up their equipment to shoot their film over the next 24hr period. 

Day 3 - Drop off cameras and audio submission and hand process film.

1 hour window for drop off, designated time slots will be provided - Slocan Valley: July 8 2021, Nelson & area: July 9 2021, Trail & area: July 16

Participants will mix up their own film developer from instant coffee, vitamin C powder and washing soda and learn by hand processing their own roll of film. 

Once all the films are processed, the instructor will transfer all the films to digital and prepare a screening reel for an open to the public online group screening. 

Day 3 evening - Online viewing party of the collected pieces

1 hour, designated time will be provided - Slocan Valley: July 8 2021, Nelson & area: July 9 2021, Trail & area: July 16

If you’re interested in extending this activity to your community, please contact to discuss how to take part.

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