Shayna Jones performs “Where Are You Now?”

May Tin
February 10, 2021
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Our resident artist Shayna Jones performs “Where Are You Now?”

Recently, Shayna Jones who is one of our Resident Artists, performed her song “Where Are You Now?” alongside local dancer Slava Doval. We’re so thrilled to present this video, which was produced by Nelson & District Arts Council in partnership with the Vancouver Foundation. This project was able to proceed as a result of the Vancouver Foundation's Community Response Fund which includes partners Vancity, United Way Lower Mainland, and the City of Vancouver. 

Special thanks to everyone involved! You are all shining stars who keep art and culture alive in Nelson, BC!

Executive Producer - Nelson & District Arts Council

Location - Capitol Theatre, Nelson, BC

Videography/Film Editing - Bohdan Doval

Lighting Design - Lisel Forst

Sound Operator - Terry Brennan

Lighting Operator - Olivia Bogaard

Sound Mixing/Mastering - Dave Ronald All Ears Music Productions

Production Manager - Sydney Leigh Black

Shayna Jones resident artist performs on stage

Some words from Shayna about her artistic process

This song of mine, “Where are you Now?” came from that place we often call “Nowhere”. 

You know “Nowhere”.

We claim it as the Source of our mystified proclamation when a fit of tears, or anger, laughter, or attraction swells from some unknown spring within us.  Yes. “It came out of nowhere” we insist, either in denial or too painfully aware to pinpoint Nowhere’s exact location.  

I am prone to spells of deep sorrow. They come out of Nowhere. Yes, joy, great joy is laced throughout each one of my days, yet my soul sits within me like a willow tree, bent low over a rushing river. 

It was on one of these weeping willow days that I met with Slava for our first rehearsal. We had no clue what lay ahead of us. No clue what we could possibly create together - she a dancer, I, a spoken word artist. I brought my cajon mainly as an apparatus to sit on while we discussed story, poetry and movement. But nothing clicked. 

Shayna Jones resident artist performs on stage

Then I realized what I was sitting on. 

“I’ve got a couple of other things I could show you,” I said, out of Nowhere. 

Along came this song. A song of few words and mundane repetition.

She loved it.

and I realized I did too.

She began to move.

and something moved in me too. 

Together we spliced and diced this Nothingness out of Nowhere within me till we found a rhythm and drive that could sustain us both. 

Then, boom. Out of You Know Where, I am on stage at the Capitol Theatre in Nelson, BC. Black curtains, bright lights, a smoke machine, and the beautiful Slava Doval by my side. Yes. Out of that Black Hole that Refuses to Be Accurately Named, I found myself supported by the passionate and talented NDAC and Capitol staff: Sydney Black, Dave Ronald, Lisel Forst, Olivia Bogaard and Terry Brennan. Bohdan Doval captured it all on film. As the creative energy of this collective soared, I could feel Joy battling valiantly within me for its place. For a moment, while on that stage, Joy claimed Nowhere as its own, and I knew why I was doing what I was doing, and where it all came from. 

local dancer Slava Doval performs on stage

Thank you Slava. 

Thank you Capitol Theatre.

Thank you lovers of the Arts. 

May we find courage, day by day, to draw closer to our Nowhere.

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