Momentum Masterclasses: Brave Bold Choices in Character Development and Audition Process

Lynn Trinh
March 2, 2021
Our Kootenay Screen-Based Industry Regional Program Manager, developing a thriving industry of filmmakers and locally-produced content.

The Kootenay Screen-Based Industry (KSBI) Momentum Masterclass: ‘Brave Bold Choices in Character Development and Audition Process’ with Sarah-Jane Redmond

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This course is an opportunity for actors to refine their skills and master the art of auditioning, character building, and marketing from an industry expert.  

This class will teach you how to make your auditions come alive, jump off the page, learning tricks and tools from years of experience.  Topics like how to deal with nerves, how to market yourself, how to create the who what where when why, genres, etc will be covered.

Above all, having FUN.

*All masterclass workshops will be online delivery through Zoom*

Mentor Bio

Sarah-Jane Redmond
Sarah-Jane Redmond

Sarah-Jane Redmond is an accomplished and experienced Vancouver-based actor, well versed in the many aspects of her chosen profession which she considers to be her craft. Sarah-Jane is also a noted acting teacher and coach, who has taught at SchoolCreative - Institute of the Arts and at New Image College of Fine Arts, a private academy for film acting, make-up artistry and aesthetics.

Sarah-Jane Redmond is an accomplished actress, crediting her success to sheer will power, setting intentions and manifesting them.  Setting goals, looking at your ‘gold’, marketing that and making bold, brave choices are all how Sarah-Jane believes her success has come, with the best around the corner.

Sarah-Jane has had leads in series both comedy and drama, and just wrapped The 100 and Siren.

Born in Cyprus, having travelled extensively at a young age and been exposed to many cultures and hardships, it gave her an insight into human nature which aids in working with individuals in this craft.  

“If it’s not fun, it’s not worth it”

Many thanks to our funders, Columbia Basin Trust and Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance, for making this all possible.

If you have further questions, please contact Kootenay Screen-Based Industry Regional Program Manager, Lynn Trinh.

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