Kootenay Shorts Filmmakers

Civic Theatre Staff
April 27, 2020
A team of dreamers who love the art of cinema. We're passionate about film and are thrilled that we get to share the magic of movies with you.

Featured Filmmakers

Here are the filmmakers participating on the Q+A event hosted by Jason Asbell (Civic Theatre Programming Director), Lynn Trinh (Kootenay Screen-Based Industry Regional Program Manager) and May Tin (Civic Theatre Marketing Director).

Brian Lye

Films: 'Etude' & 'Look At Them Run, Why Are They Running'

Brian Lye is a filmmaker, artist, and educator living in Nelson, BC.  He enjoys collaboration, analogue film production, bricolage, and jokes.  His films have won awards and screened in festivals, galleries, and television networks such as Sundance Film Festival, Melbourne Film Festival, Canal+, SBS Television Australia, Images Festival Toronto, Vancouver International Film Festival, The Museum of Sydney, Centre of Contemporary Culture Barcelona, and others.

Jason Mannings

Films: 'Elizabeth Ir Kanada' & 'Hwuy’xwet Pune’luxutth (Trailer)’

Photo: Thomas NowaczynskiJason Mannings is a British Columbian film director and artist. Rejecting a common dichotomy, he is both tuned into nature and culture, which heavily informs his work. He studied literature, journalism, and creative writing, but learned far more under temperate rainforest canopies and on snowy alpine peaks. He works as a professional film director, director of photography, and film editor — in commercial, branded, and documentary genres. His first award-winning film, Stripped, was created in 2005, and in 2017 he won an Emmy Award for ‘Outstanding Camera Work’. Today, his focus is on directing creative-documentaries, commercials, and experimental-films. When he’s not immersed in film, he’s either on a bike in the woods, on a splitboard in the snow, shrouded in music in a warehouse, or feeding alleyway cats — usually with an analog film camera in tow, to capture a few of life’s moments on celluloid.

Eric Crosland (Sherpas Cinema)

Films: 'Loved By All: The Story of Apa Sherpa' & 'Imagination'

Eric Crosland, Director of Sherpas Cinema, was born in Calgary Alberta. Growing up, the Rocky Mountains proved to have left an imprint of nature on Eric’s life that has manifested itself in his films. Eric graduated from Capilano college in 2004 with an advanced degree in motion picture production. Over his career in the film industry he has created over 162 episodes of television, 10 feature length films and 4 broadcast commercials. Eric now truly enjoys working in the collective of artists at Sherpas Cinema. He currently lives with his wife and three children in Nelson, BC.

Amy Allcock

Film: 'Library Rock'

Amy Allcock is an emerging filmmaker known for her creativity, good eye and passion for telling stories that educate and inspire.  She is currently working on a documentary about restoring Western Canada’s lost salmon run.

Nathan Affolter

Film: 'Soggy Flakes'

Nathan Affolter is an award-winning animator and filmmaker whose films have played world-wide including the Cannes International Film Festival. He graduated from Vancouver Film School's classical animation program in 2001. Since 2001 he has animated and storyboarded on shows for Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and Fox, such as Ren & Stimpy and Rick & Morty. He works with his three brothers, through their production company Foreshadow Films.

Thomas Affolter

Film: 'Soggy Flakes'

Thomas is the youngest of the Affolter brothers, though he compensates for this fact by also being the tallest. He’s been writing, producing, and directing award-winning films since he was a teenager, and has directed over 50 short films, TV episodes, commercials, music videos, web series, and pieces of original branded content. Also an accomplished editor and cinematographer, Thomas strives to challenge both the mind and the heart with the power of storytelling. Collaboration is at the heart of his creative process, and he enjoys working with his three brothers not only because they make him a better filmmaker, but because Thomas likes to talk a lot - and his brothers know when to tell him to shut up. Along with everyone at Foreshadow Films, Thomas is dedicated to creating unique, compelling stories that challenge our perception of the world, and of ourselves… while also having a few laughs along the way.

Gabby Asbell

Film: 'SuperSk8'

Gabby Apple is a nifty kid who at 13 entered the Craft Brews of the Columbia Basin Film Competition under the loophole that Torchlight makes craft sodas. Her foray into animated hand-processed Super 8 film that same year, demonstrates her versatility in the film arts.  Her dad is very proud.

Alex Botton

Film: 'Get Lost. Get Found'

Alex Botton is a videographer living in Nelson, BC. He has recently moved to the Kootenays from Sydney, Australia. Alex has spent 10 years running his production company, Paste Studios, creating video content for many brands across various industries including entertainment, education, tourism, and disability services. His passion lies in telling stories about people, tapping into personal experiences that we can all resonate with as audiences. His film, "Get Lost. Get Found" was a collaborative piece with Lost Motos promoting men's mental health awareness. It was filmed in Sydney and other regional locations along the East Coast of New South Wales.

Aydin Long

Film: 'As It Were'

Born, Raised and Based in Nelson, B.C., Aydin Long is a Writer and Director under his Production Company, Lost The Plot Film. He has slated another Short Film for later this year, and a Feature Film for Spring 2022.

Carlo Alcos

Film: 'The Thing'

Carlo Alcos is a senior video editor at Matador Network. He lives in Nelson, BC

Matthew Helmer (The Helmer Brothers)

Film: 'The Eternal Struggle of Saints and Sinners Erupts in a GUNFIGHT'

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