Coming to the theatre in covidy times

Civic Theatre Staff
October 18, 2021
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What a whirlwind the past year and half has been. As we increase our seating capacity, we are, through trial and error, attempting to get everyone into the theatre and seated in order to start the movie on time.  If you came for the new James Bond movie last week,  you will have noticed that we struggled with that (30 mins late one night)  What this means is that starting this Friday, October 22nd we will be opening the doors one hour before the show starts, and we will be starting the shows promptly on time. This is where we need your help, the earlier that patrons show up, the better we will be able to accommodate everyone in the theatre.  To that end, any patrons who are in line between 6 and 630 will be entered into a draw for a free large combo ($20 value - 2 lg drinks, lg popcorn and lg candy)

What to expect when you arrive at the theatre: 

  1. You’ll be greeted at the front door by one of our volunteers, who will ask to see your vaccine passport and a piece of photo id. All patrons, 12 and older, are required to be fully vaccinated to attend the theatre. 
  2. You will head to the concession to purchase tickets or check in, if you purchased online.  In order to ease congestion in the lobby, we are asking all patrons to also grab their snacks before heading into the theatre.  We’ll also ask that you try to remain in the theatre until everyone is seated.
  3. Once in the theatre, you will be directed by an usher to your seat.  In order to ensure adequate social distancing, especially when we sell out a show, we have to be strategic in where we seat people.  
  4. 5 minutes before the show starts, we’ll do the early bird prize draw for a large combo.
  5. Show starts at 7pm (or 3 or 4pm for the matinee)

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