An Update from Reo's Video

Eleanor Stacey
October 28, 2021
Eleanor Stacey is the Executive Director of Nelson Civic Theatre Society, which operates The Civic Theatre, and Nelson classic, Reo’s Video.

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago we discussed the predicament of Reo's Video: that since our reopening in March 2021 our sales have been down, and if we want to keep Reo's open, we needed our customers to come back by October 31st to continue to operate the store.

Well, it has been quite a month! We are so grateful to our customers who have come back and started to rent videos again on a regular basis, who have made charitable donations to NCTS to support Reo's, and who have put credits on their accounts. We were genuinely moved by the customer who told us he had cancelled his online screening service and will be renting videos from Reo’s from now on.

We were just floored by the more than 300 people that walked through our doors on International Independent Video Store day (October 16), renting more than 200 films to watch at home. And we have been so appreciative of the customers who have made renting movies part of their nightly or weekly regimen again.

I've been stopped on the street a few times this week, especially after my article in the Nelson Star, and have been grateful to hear many words of appreciation and encouragement.

One person mentioned that they hadn't thought about the importance of using amenities and services  in our community that they care about (like Reo's Video and The Civic Theatre) if they want to keep them.

Another told me that they hadn't considered that renting videos at Reo's and seeing movies at The Civic was buying local, as opposed to only seeing things through online streaming services.

And someone mentioned to me that they appreciated my suggestion that bringing home a film from Reo's Video is a curatorial act that reclaims our time and choices over binge-watching streamed shows.

It made me think about how important it is that we all play a part in keeping our community vibrant and engaging, and how lucky we all are to live in a community of people who are willing to take responsibility for keeping the things we love, enjoy and cherish alive and thriving.

So today is October 28, and I wanted to give you an update. Our numbers have been up, and that is great news! But we still aren't on track to break even yet this month, so every dollar counts to get us to that goal.

So here's what you can do:

1. Rent a movie!

Drop in and browse in person, or check out our online catalogue before you come. We have something for everyone!

Browse the Reo's Collection!

2. Buy a punchcard or pre-load your Reo's Video account

Did you know that you could pre-purchase films from Reo's?  You can either buy a punchcard or just pre-load a credit to your account when you come by the store.

3. Buy or renew your NCTS membership

Aside from getting you $2 off every movie at The Civic Theatre, your NCTS membership will get you special deals on your video rentals and tickets to movies at The Civic Theatre too.  Members continue to be the heart of our organization, and your membership will contribute to the long-term viability of Reo's too.

Buy or renew your NCTS membership

4. Make a gift to NCTS.

Your gift of $20, $50, $100 or more before October 31st will go a really long way towards showing your love and appreciation for Reo’s Video as a program of NCTS.
Please note that if you click on the Paypal link inside our form, it will give you an option to make a gift by credit card.

Donate to NCTS now

5. Tell us what you think about Reo's Video!

In the short time that NCTS has been running Reo's Video, we have heard so many stories of things that have happened in the store, film memories, dates and important gatherings surrounding movie rentals, and much more. Tell us what you think about Reo's now and in the past, and your suggestions for the future. Every submission will enter you to win 10 free rentals at Reo's.Tell us what you think about Reo's Videos!Thank you so much for your efforts to help us keep this important collection and community resource alive and open in Nelson.  We have some great plans in store for Reo's in the coming year, so your help now is deeply appreciated.


And Reo's has you covered. We have SO many monster movies from the 20's and 30's through to the gore of the 70's and 80's and many newer releases. We also have some great family Halloween Films. Come get your Halloween film for when you get home from Trick or Treating!

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