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How will re-opening the Civic Theatre benefit Nelson?

With more than 2200 members who support our theatre suggest direct benefit for anyone who enjoys watching movies and cultural events on the big screen.

In addition, a reopened Civic Theatre will revitalize evening activity downtown and provide economic spin-offs, especially to restaurants, coffee shops and pubs. Tired from a day at the ski hill? Relax with a movie and popcorn!

We look forward to working with local film enthusiasts to bring a Film Festival (or three) to Nelson. Working with our local tourism and hospitality specialists we believe Film Festivals will have a major economic impact on our region. With a broadband connection to the Internet, the Civic Theatre will break down our geographical isolation and bring the world to our doorstep – and our doorstep to the world when we broadcast our productions.

Finances aside, The Nelson Civic Theatre Society is a non-profit Social Enterprise so our primary mandate is to our community in ways beyond just the bottom line. The Civic creates a downtown, all-ages, all weather activity for our entire community. A meeting place. Our screen is now a giant digital billboard capable of showcasing new local initiatives, local events, announcements and local productions.

As seen at our Star Trek digital kick off our community loves any excuse to have fun, put on costumes, and hang with their community. The Civic Theatre offers this in droves.

Finally, the Civic Theatre restoration will once again prove that Nelson’s ambitions are not limited by our size. Like so many successful projects before us, the renovation of the Civic Theatre will create new opportunities for small business and local societies, offering multi-use digital presentation spaces, webinars, symposiums, and local productions.

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