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Charitable Donations

The Nelson Civic Theatre Society is a registered non-profit society.

The City of Nelson has graciously offered to accept donations on our behalf in order to provide charitable tax receipts for our donors.

Tax credits are available only through the City of Nelson, with your cheque earmarked for the “Nelson Civic Theatre Project”.

You can mail your cheque directly to the City at:

City of Nelson
310 Ward St.,
Nelson, BC V1L 5S4

Or you can drop it off at the theatre’s mail slot and we’ll drop it off for you. Knock on the door – if anyone’s around we can give you a tour!

Charitable Gifting – How does it lower your Income Taxes?

 Tax Credit Received NET Cost of $250 gift 
Actual amount of donation  $250.00
 If this is your only charitable donation in 2013 $ 61.00 $ 189.00
 If you have or will make other donations of $200 in 2013 $ 87.00 $ 163.00
For every dollar you donate through the City of Nelson and earmarked for Civic Theatre Restoration, you will, on filing your 2013 income tax return, receive a tax credit of 43.7% of the amount of the gift. (assumes you have made at least $200.00 of other Charitable gifts in the same year and that you otherwise have income tax payable for that year. 


If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact our treasurer, Rick Dietrich, CGA at (250) 354-0976.


Download, print, and fill out any of the forms below and drop it off at the theatre with your cheque (made out to the city as explained above) and we will take it to the city for you.

Seat Sponsorship Form

Donation Form


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