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Seat Sponsorship Program

Sponsor a seat for $250 and get your place on the donor wall!

Sponsor a seat today!

We have installed 250 comfy, high back, cup holding, bouncy new seats in our theatre.

Sponsor a seat – your name will appear on our donor wall and up on the big screen.

You can sponsor a seat online, or if you are looking for a tax credit, you can download the form and send it to us with your cheque. Click here for more information


Can I sponsor more than one seat?

Absolutely! Sponsor an entire row! If you are interested in making a larger donation, contact our Fundraising Co-ordinator to find out about Naming Rights, and other individual and corporate sponsorship programs.

Can I sponsor a seat on behalf of someone else?

Absolutely! When you fill out the Seat Sponsorship Form you can specify a different name for each seat your sponsor – these will be the names we will use on our donor wall.

Will my name be on a seat?

No – as movie theatres are “general seating” we don’t assign you a specific seat, though bragging rights let you point to your favourite seat anytime. Your name will appear on the big screen (projected, prior to a movie showing), our Donor Wall (after the theatre has been split to three screens), and will be mentioned in our Newsletter.

Can a group of us sponsor one seat?

Yes! With limited space on the Seat Plaque (and to be fair to individual sponsors) we can’t list all of your names, but we can use a team name on the wall – just write the team’s name on the sponsorship form.

Will I get a Tax Credit?

Yes. Our online sponsorship payment now goes directly through the City who will send you a tax receipt. If you prefer, you can download the seat sponsorship form, and drop it off with your cheque (made out to “City of Nelson” with a memo “NCTS Seat Sponsorship”) in an envelope through our mail slot. We will take care of everything else. Click here for more information.

I have a form and cheque ready, now what?

You can drop it off at the theatre’s mail slot and we’ll take care of the rest!  Or you can also mail your form and cheque directly to the City at: City of Nelson, 310 Ward St., Nelson, BC V1L 5S4

Will you only sponsor 250 seats?

Our theatre will eventually have around 420 seats. While sponsoring a seat is largely symbolic as we won’t assign actual seats, at this point we are only sponsoring up to the total number of seats we will be installing.

I would like to make a larger donation. How can I do that?

If you are interested in making a larger donation, contact our Fundraising Co-ordinator to find out about Naming Rights, and other individual and corporate sponsorship programs.

Who has sponsored a seat so far?

Below is a list of seat sponsors we have processed. We will update this list periodically. If you have sponsored a seat but don’t see your name, please be patient. If your name is spelt wrong, or you wish it to be removed from this page, just let us know.

[dbview name=’seat_sponsors’]

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