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Our address is:

Nelson Civic Theatre Society
719 Vernon Street, Suite 103
Nelson, BC V1L 4G3

Movie Info Line: 250-505-1007
Administrative Line: 250-352-5833


  1. do you have gift certificates available – online or in person ?


  2. Hi Jill,
    Gift certificates are available but not online yet. You’ll have to go to the theatre and ask at the box office.

  3. Do you host Birthday parties? If so are there different packages available and the cost of each? Also do you require a certain minimum amount of people?
    Thank you!

  4. Hi Shauntelle,

    I don’t think we do but you should send a message directly using the fields above and you will get a precise response.


  5. Hi there, I am wondering if you have any accessible seats with wheel chair access?

  6. Hi Diana,
    Thanks for your message. I can’t answer that unfortunately so you should send your question via the form above or directly to info@civictheatre.ca.

  7. I am a senior, once I purchased senior tickets on line, now this doesn’t seem to be offered. Why? I now have to go to an ATM somewhere to bring cash and its snowy and slippery and discouraging. Furthermore, I called about this previously and as it was a Tuesday the associate re told me the senior pricing wasn’t offered. This is Sunday and I am still running around to the bank. Name with held

  8. Hello,

    Thank you for your message. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I don’t think that senior tickets have ever been available online as our website does not allow us (unfortunately) to offer several prices for a given event. One can buy a senior membership online once a year but not senior movie tickets on a regular basis. I am sorry, the only way to do that is to buy your tickets at the box office 🙁 Hopefully, we’ll be able to improve our online services in the future.

  9. I’ve just read the email by a senior about not being able to purchase her discounted ticket online. I, too, would like that service offered. Please understand the reason we seniors are sometimes offered various perks is firstly, because our incomes have often been reduced in retirement and secondly, our physical selves are no longer as supple or nimble. Getting out to an event such as a movie is something those in less physical shape can still do. Being able to pre purchase your tickets would be a real plus for us.

  10. HI: In the comments above, both Drew and I lament the lack of ability to buy a Senior’s ticket online. I have never found these tickets online but once, after purchasing my ticket online at full price, the ticket-taker gave me a refund for being a Senior. Having someone designated at the theatre ( much like the membership purchase table) to do this might solve the problem. (and I do see it as a problem, not an issue).

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