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Come to Pacific Rim or else…

…You will have to deal with these guys.  Last night at our performance of Pacific Rim we had a special visit from some local Jaegers.  Don’t miss what has been touted as the summer’s best blockbuster.  Del Toro, director of Hell ...

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Upcoming Open House and Movie Night


There’s been a lot of moving and shaking going on, and it’s not just the first of the chairs being installed in the concrete floor (although we did feel the Earth move when the very first one went in). Read ...

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Imagine the Possibilities!


A few years ago we had a movie theatre here in Nelson and then things changed. Then more things changed. Then the entire movie industry changed. Digital projection is here, and it has changed everything. The recurring theme in our ...

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Questions & Answers!


Got a question about our project? We’ve got answers!  We have just posted the first round of “Q&A” – Questions and Answers. These are answers to some of the more comment questions we are being asked. As always, if you ...

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Our Proposal


Many of you have asked for details of the proposal we submitted to the city which they recently accepted. We are very proud of the work we have done, and very excited that our proposal was selected to move forward. ...

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Welcome to CivicTheatre.ca


Welcome to the new website for Nelson B.C.'s historic Civic Theatre. Closed for the past 4 years, the newly formed Nelson Civic Theatre Society is actively working on a proposal for the city due at the end of May, 2012. Please subscribe to our mailing list (to the left) to show your support for the theatre. We are very excited by this project and the overwhelming show of support from our weekly canvasing outside the theatre's entrance. We look forward to posting updates of our progress here over the coming weeks. Continue reading

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